Causes of habitual hair & countermeasures

Even if you have given up on habitual hair because you are born, why don’t you know the cause and take measures? This time, for those who are worried about habitual hair, there are various things such as shampoos and treatments recommended for improvement, haircuts and perm styles that make use of habitual hair, powerful straight irons, styling tips, etc. We have summarized how to approach habitual hair from various directions. I hope you find a hint to get rid of your habitual hair problems.

Introducing the causes of habitual hair, its improvement, and countermeasures. We have compiled information that we would like to deliver to those who have problems with habitual hair, such as recommended shampoos and treatments, hairstyles that make use of habitual hair, the latest straight irons and styling methods. You will surely find hints to solve the problem of habitual hair.

Caused by distortion of pores, sagging skin, and dry damage /

The weakening of the facial muscles and fascia of the scalp due to aging loosens the hair follicles, which are the tissue layer surrounding the hair, and the round pores become oval. As hair made from hair follicles grows, it becomes more prone to habits and swells.

In some cases, sudden swelling or swelling may occur, especially on the ears and neckline where slackening of the skin gathers. Especially for people with inelastic scalp or thin skin, the pores are easily distorted, so be careful.

The inside of the hair of a person with curly hair is also characterized by irregular protein distribution and uneven water content. Dry damage increases habits and swells, so when choosing a shampoo or out bath treatment, it’s a good idea to use high moisturizing power as a criterion.

If the scalp is oily skin, it becomes habitual hair

Characteristics of people with oily skin /

“People with oily skin have the same characteristic of acne on their scalp, which is usually the case with skin problems. Also, because it is easy for oil to come out, dirt tends to accumulate in the pores, and the entire scalp rather than partly It’s easy to get itchy.

After that, when fat comes out, the acidity of the skin becomes stronger, bacteria are easy to get rid of, and odor is easy to come out. There are many people with curly hair and hard hair as a whole “

How to improve/

“The most familiar way is how to choose shampoo.
For people with oily skin, we recommend a refreshing shampoo with a strong cleansing effect.

It is important to shampoo well every day because it is easy to smell and the sebum makes the shampoo less foamy.

Recently, moisturizers that care for the scalp have been released, but people with oily skin should not use greasy creams or gel types, but rather mist types such as lotion. “

Hair quality improvement treatment at a hairdresser makes tough habitual hair smooth and shiny

Try the beauty editor! /

The treatment that Mika, who presides over “AMATA”, praises is “VERTEX”. By the way, “VERTEX” means “vertex”. When I looked it up, the famous beautician, the big-name journalist, the popular model … everyone praised it! !!

“VERTEX” is a treatment that replenishes a total of 10 types of keratin inside the hair to reinforce and moisturize the hair and form a texture. By the way, keratin is a protein made up of 18 kinds of amino acids, and is the main component that forms hair and nails. In other words, treatments using keratin have the effect of strengthening the hair and giving it firmness.

Features of “VERTEX”

1: Firmly replenish base keratin with waterfowl-derived keratin
Keratin derived from waterfowl has an amino acid composition very close to that of hair, and has high affinity and adsorptivity, so it protects and maintains hair firmly. This can improve strength and hair feel.

2: Human hair-derived keratin amino acid forms a strong core inside the hair Human hair-derived keratin amino acid with excellent repair power binds to waterfowl-derived keratin to polymerize it. Hair strength and elasticity have been greatly improved, making it difficult for ingredients to flow out of the hair.

3: Powerful repair with 5 types of wool-derived keratin
A well-balanced supply of 5 types of keratin with different molecular weights into the hair. Fills the middle layer of hair with cortex (fur) and repairs damage inside the hair at once. And the hybrid polymer and CMC ingredients reinforce and moisturize the cuticle.

4: 3 types of keratin and ceramide NG protect the cuticle
Three types of keratin further upgrade hair quality, and ceramide NG and 13 types of plant extracts enhance water retention and barrier function. Furthermore, 18MEA, a fatty acid that protects the cuticle, leads the texture of the cuticle to the highest peak.

Haircuts and perms that take advantage of habitual hair

“Slide cut” is recommended for hair with habits and swells

[Hairstyle that adjusts the amount of hair with a slide cut to make the tips of the hair easier to move]

The hair quality of someone who has hard hair and a lot of volume. If you slide cut, you can adjust the amount of hair to the ends of the hair, so you can suppress the feeling of volume without spreading.

Just wash and dry it to shape it, so you don’t have to stretch or hold down your hair with a blow. Slide-cutting is suitable for hair that is hard and has habits and swells. “

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