Makeup tips and tricks for mature women

With age, the skin becomes more sagging, with lines and wrinkles giving it an elegant atmosphere. Some makeup tricks, coupled with high quality cream, help the look. “It doesn’t hide everything, but it looks brighter,” says makeup artist Priscilla Const, senior technician and speaker at the Age Senior Center in São Paulo. The details are as follows. There is no exaggeration. “Because the elderly already have the strongest facial expressions

Elderly people already have the strongest facial expressions, so they can create wonderful effects without having to carry around too much,”

Preparing the skin to receive make-up is an important step. Using a moisturizer (preferably a gel) based on DMAE (short for dimethylaminoethanol, a tightening agent that helps stretch the contours of the lips, eyes, face and neck) has an immediate effect. That in addition to smoothing out wrinkles the moment they are applied, this type of cosmetic increases collagen production and reduces the appearance of new wrinkles.

Make without wrinkles

A good foundation is also important. “Choose the same skin tone and don’t create thick layers. If necessary, apply a concealer that is very gentle on scratches and imperfections,” Lourdes recommends. Be very careful of dust, especially compact. Avoid it if possible. Using it to even out the skin will ruin the makeup. It not only emphasizes the hanging eyelids that accumulate between wrinkles and wrinkles, but also makes these signs clearer.

That drawing attention to the eyebrows is a good way to get rid of wrinkles. Applying blush to the highest point of the cheekbone gives the impression of a more arched shape. Another tip is to use a black or strong brown pencil to slightly darken the inner corners of the eyes.

By the way, the contours of the eyes should be very smooth, just like the lips. These areas usually focus more wrinkles. Forget the bright and shining tones. I prefer the opaque ones that disguise best. “Use more neutral shadows, such as beige or brown,” Lourdes adds. To color your lips, emphasize. The ideal is to stick to a stick with less cream. They paint without dripping or accumulating in or around the groove of the mouth. The dark tones in the mouth are good for composing the look.

The last good tip is to avoid matching clothes of the same color with makeup. Makeup artists guarantee that this detail will ultimately make the production too heavy. The makeup should match the accessories, but it does not exaggerate the brilliance.

Don’t overdo makeup

Camouflage the dent under the eyes

[STEP1] Put a liquid concealer under the dent under your eyes
Apply the foundation to the entire face, and if using foundation, apply a very thin coat to the entire face before starting. Place the concealer on the underside of the dented bear with the tip of the included tip or brush.

[STEP2] Cover the shadow by blending it with your finger on the spot.
Apply the concealer with the pad of your finger. By covering the dent on the underside of the tear bag without covering the part of the tear bag just below the eyes, the dent and the shadow due to poor blood circulation disappear and it looks plump.

[STEP3] Use a sponge to thinly adhere to the skin
Before the concealer is completely absorbed, press it with a liquid foundation sponge to make it adhere thinly to the skin. With this one effort, you can prevent wrinkles and wrinkles from becoming noticeable over time.

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