Makeup Tips For those of you who want to be girls without red

What kind of person is a girl who is missing red? Many girls who are out of red are fashionable by paying attention to the appearance such as clothes and makeup, and people like them because they have a nice smile. Aiming to be a girl who is out of red, let’s start with the tips of makeup! Why don’t you steal the makeup tips of girls without red and aim to become an adult woman? This time, I will introduce the tips of makeup for girls without red

How to become a girl without red? Teaching makeup tips

The first step to becoming a girl without red. Learn the tips of makeup!

Just making your makeup flashy doesn’t mean you can be a girl without red. It is important to challenge sophisticated makeup for each point.

So this time, I will introduce 8 makeup tips to become a girl without red

Let’s master the tips of makeup and aim to be a girl without red.

Steal the tips of make-up without red and become a fashionable girl

Makeup Tips # 1. Make your skin shiny!

One of the tips for making up for girls without red is to create a natural glossy skin like bare skin.

Shiny skin that will become shiny if you make a slight mistake. By choosing a base color that is not too matte and that suits your skin, you can get closer to a girl without red skin!

Makeup tips # 2. The foundation is thin!

The second tip of makeup without red is to make the foundation lighter.

It’s over to apply the foundation thickly. From now on, the trick is to make the foundation lighter. Let’s be aware of natural skin

Transparency is the life of makeup for girls without red skin ! If you finish it with face powder, it will be.

In order to become a girl without redness, it is recommended to use powder foundation rather than liquid foundation.

Makeup tips # 3. Teak is slightly casual

Makeup tips # 3 is to casually add blush.

With women’s make-up without red, it is almost impossible to apply cheeks. It’s okay if you can put it on a little or not on it If you can get a proper complexion! Let’s aim for a sophisticated impression with a make-up that suppresses the knack of adding soft cheeks.

Makeup Tips # 4. Natural eyebrows are a must!

Makeup tip # 4 is to finish the eyebrows gently and naturally.

Natural eyebrow make-up is a must to become a girl without red! Recently, thick eyebrows are the trend, but be careful not to be too thick because you are too conscious of the trend! If the eyebrows are too thick, it will give a strong impression. The trick to making up is to finish it naturally.

It’s unnatural if it’s too thin, so it’s a good idea to use a tint-type eyebrow to adjust the thickness

Makeup Tips # 5. Eyeshadow is a color that is familiar to the skin

Makeup tips # 5 is to choose the color of your eyeshadow.

Choosing eyeshadow is a key point when making makeup for girls without red. The trick is to choose a color that is familiar to your skin, such as beige or brown. Create a natural gradation to give a soft impression and give a femininity

If you use an eyeshadow base before the eyeshadow that you usually use, you will get more gorgeousness. I will!

Makeup Tips # 6. The eyes are not too dark and not too thin!

Makeup tip # 6 is to choose brown eyeliner and mascara.

Brown eyeliner and brown mascara are perfect for making up girls without red! It doesn’t give a tight impression, and it seems that you can improve your eyes.

If you make a solid make-up with black eyeliner and mascara, you may look like you are doing your best.

It’s a good idea to make eye makeup if you can give a feeling of being careful without trying too hard

Makeup Tips # 7. Eyebrows that are brighter than hair

Makeup tips # 7 is the color of the eyebrows.

Just mastering the tips for eyebrow makeup will give you a fashionable impression at once. The point is to make eyebrows one tone brighter than the hair color.

Even if you have black hair, please choose a color that is lighter than your hair color, such as using brown

Makeup tips # 8. Finish with a glossy lipstick

Makeup tips # 8 is lipstick!

In order to become a girl without red, the trick is to finish with a plump and voluminous lipstick.

If you use a tint type lipstick, it will be hard to remove and it will be moisturized lips The gloss that is not too lame is perfect for makeup of girls without red

Improve the fashion ability by choosing a lip that approaches a plump finish Let’s aim!

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