Makeup tips that beginners want to know

Eye makeup summary for beginners. Here are some “eye makeup tips” that we would like to recommend to people who are not confident in eye makeup. Tips for drawing a beautiful eyeliner from how to use basic eyeshadow. And the order in which many people want to know how to apply eyeshadow! You can change the impression of your eyes with just one method of applying eye shadow, so even those who are accustomed to eye makeup should have some hints that will be helpful.

Recommended for makeup beginners! Eye makeup that understands the basics

How to beginner eye makeup

[Step1] First of all, from making a base that makes the box shine

The surroundings fit nicely with this effort. Blur beige over a slightly wider range than double width. On the lower eyelid, put khaki on the outer corner of the eye ⅔ so that the outer corner of the eye protrudes about 5 mm.

The line on the upper eyelid should fill the gap between the eyelashes. From the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner of the eye, insert a pencil from below and move it from side to side in small steps to bring out the “depth” at the eyelashes.

[Step2] The line on the lower eyelid is from the outer corner of the eye to the bottom of the black eye

Draw an eyeliner from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner of the black eye. The point is to draw so that the space between the eyelashes is filled even when the lower eyelids are used. No line is drawn on the inner 1/3 of the eye, and by intentionally creating a gap, you can feel a sense of modernity.

[Step3] Add shadow to the outer corner of the lower eyelid 2/3 with shadow

Overlay the khaki shadow on the line drawn in 3. Use the tip of the tip to cover it over the line and sandwich it with a shadow. The effect is that the line fits naturally and is less likely to bleed.

[Step4] Draw the upper corner of the eye line and adjust the eye color

A line on the outer corner of the eye on the upper eyelid. This time, not between the eyelashes, but on the eyelashes with a width of 1 to 2 mm, from just above the center of the black eye toward the outer corner of the eye. If you draw the outer corners of the eyes so that they flow smoothly 3 to 4 mm horizontally, the width of the eyes will naturally expand and the appearance will be doubled.

[Step5] Turn on the shadow on the outer corner of the eye to make a difference in the finish

Overlay the beige shadow on the line drawn in 5. By superimposing a shadow on the upper side of the drawn line, the strength of the clear line is softened, and a well-balanced box that does not appear to float from the face.

Tips for drawing eyeliner without blurring

The biggest cause of line blurring is the position of the arm that makes your hands unstable! Even if you are conscious of tightening your armpits, the force that enters your fingertips will be stable, so you can draw the line you want at the target position.

How to make an eyeliner that gives a soft face

[Step1] Fill the gaps in the eyelashes

The key to filling the creases is to bring natural eyes. First, add it to the base of the eyelashes to naturally strengthen the frame line of the eyelids. Look down in the mirror and bury it little by little.


Curl up with eyelash curler in front of the eyeliner! Curling up after shadows and lines can cause rubbing and bleeding.

[Step2] Draw a line on the upper side of the eyelashes little by little

Ideally, the eyeliner should be slightly visible when you open your eyes. Instead of trying to make it thicker, I aim for a line of existence like a “shadow” and draw little by little from the outer corner of the eye with the feeling of tracing the edge of the eye.

[Step3] Draw a line from the middle to the inner corner of the eye

Trying to draw the eyeliner all at once is a source of blurring! It is harder to fail if you draw little by little with a width of about 5 mm, resulting in a beautiful line.

[Step4] Draw a 5mm line horizontally

The narrow eyeliner extends the outer corner of the eye by 5 mm and widens the width of the eye slightly. If you raise it or the line is too long, it will be far from the eyes with a soft impression, so be careful.

[Step5] Fill the triangular zone at the corner of the eye

Draw a line from the tip of the 5mm extended line back to the outer corner of the eye to fill the small triangular zone. With this, the original dent on the outer corner of the eye and the line are integrated to create a natural deca eye effect.

[Step6] Lightly blur with your finger

When the presence of the line stands out clearly, it looks tight, so add a light blur to the finish. Gently and gently blur only the part that borders the skin with the pad of your finger so as not to erase the line.

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