Recommended habits for hair growth

Daily habits are important for maintaining beautiful hair. For adult women who suffer from thinning hair and gray hair, we have summarized foods, supplements, and daily care methods. Please refer to it to keep your hair young and beautiful forever.

From the article on the luxury entrance media “”, we have picked up and summarized good hair habits such as food, scalp care, and supplements. If you are worried about thinning hair, gray hair, or damage, please use it as a reference for your daily care.

Food and scalp care are important! Good habits for hair growth

Absolute conditions for growing healthy hair

The absolute condition for making healthy hair is

Preventing inflammation of the scalp such as clogged pores and dryness

Maintaining the softness of the scalp

Activating the hair matrix cells that make hair.

In order to maintain the condition of (2), it is important to smooth the blood flow and lymphatic flow in order to make it easier for nutrients to reach the scalp. The activation of hair matrix cells in (3) is also affected by lifestyle habits such as diet and sleep. If any one of these three is missing, it will make it difficult for healthy hair to grow, such as thinning hair and increased hair loss.

Nuts are recommended for beautiful hair and hair growth

Nuts vegetable proteins and minerals /

Eating nuts is also effective. The vegetable proteins contained in nuts play a role in shaping the skin and other cells. It is also rich in minerals. Minerals have the role of nourishing the skin and hair, and have the effect of promoting beautiful skin and hair growth. Please note that peanuts are beans, not nuts.

Scalp care

The idea that “the scalp is the foundation for growing hair” is essential for making beautiful hair /

“Nutrients” taken in from meals are important for anti-aging hair

“Based on the idea that ‘beautiful hair comes from a healthy scalp’, salon scalp care and home care are essential, but internal scalp care is also important. Internal care is detox nutrition therapy. Based on the concept of diet and supplement care. The idea is to detox harmful substances that impose a burden on the condition of the scalp and to take in necessary nutrients firmly. Such internal care is also essential for beautiful hair.

It is important to “wash the scalp and dry the scalp” for hair and scalp care that can be done at home
“Shampoo is basically to wash the scalp, and hair dryer is to dry the scalp. The act of rubbing the hair will damage the cuticle. Firmly apply the pad of your finger directly to the skin and wash your hair while paying attention to the pores. Is important. You should also do a scalp massage.

Also, after washing your hair, it is important to use a hair dryer as soon as possible, use products such as oil that protects your hair and scalp from heat, and then dry them quickly. The trick to drying is to be aware of drying your scalp, not your hair. If left in a dry state, germs will grow and cause various scalp problems such as itching and head odor.

Face line also rejuvenates! Moisturizing the scalp

What kind of changes will occur other than hair as the scalp becomes thicker?

It’s a lift-up effect on your face. It is said that when the scalp is lowered, the outer corners of the eyes are lowered by 3 mm. On the contrary, if the scalp is properly moisturize and in a healthy condition, the scalp will become thicker overall. By doing so, the scalp above the muscles will be lifted, which will improve the sagging of the face. Depending on how you care for your scalp, the thickness of your scalp can vary from 2mm to 6mm.

The thickness of your scalp affects your face line, doesn’t it?

Originally, the scalp is thick and is a part of the body that is easily affected by gravity. As the scalp becomes dry, the scalp becomes dry and squishy, ​​which causes the scalp to drop further.

Since the scalp and face are connected by a single piece of skin, the slack and nasolabial folds on the face line will accelerate as the scalp lowers. In addition, the scalp crushed by gravity becomes hard and thin, causing poor blood circulation. Naturally, the number of fine hair and gray hair will increase.

Depending on the moisturizing care of the scalp, wrinkles and sagging of the face can be greatly changed, and healthy and beautiful hair can be grown. The moisturized scalp has elasticity that makes it bounce when you touch it with your fingers.

How do you moisturize your scalp for a plump and healthy scalp?

First is daily shampoo. I think that many people use the same shampoo all the time because it suits their hair, but it is also important to review it in terms of the season and whether it suits your skin.

Also, using a scalp lotion or serum after taking a bath is indispensable for moisturizing. Choose the item that suits you because it’s something you use every day, and get in the habit of moisturizing your scalp.

Can you tell us about the relationship between your lifestyle and your scalp?

I agree. People who eat greasy foods such as junk food on a daily basis also secrete more sebum from their scalp. When this happens, the entire body, including the skin, tends to oxidize, leading to an aging constitution.

In addition, exposure to blue light from a smartphone or computer until late at night activates the brain and leads to disturbance of the autonomic nerves. How good you get a good night’s sleep in the first 90 minutes has a lot to do with growth hormone secretion. Hair grows with growth hormone while you sleep. Due to eye strain and mental stress, the temporalis muscle above the ears also tends to become stiff.

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