The right way to make natural makeup

I often hear “natural make-up”, but if it’s too natural, it looks like no makeup, and I don’t know how to get a proper natural make-up. Natural makeup is actually difficult unless you hold down the points, and it is also important to reflect the trends at that time. That’s why it’s important to learn how-tos from professionals!

What is the definition of natural makeup?

Do you think light makeup or simple makeup is natural makeup? Natural make-up is a make-up that “has a natural atmosphere like no makeup, but the skin is clean and has a complexion, and the eyes and nose are clear.” Therefore, the two points that are important are creating beautiful skin that looks like bare skin but has no shavings, and point makeup that does not have a make-up feeling but is sharp. In other words, base make-up should be as thin as possible while firmly covering skin problems such as age spots and dullness. It is important to finish the eyes and mouth with an emphasis on shading and complexion. Then, I will explain the detailed points at once.

How to make a base makeup that looks natural & recommended items

It is important to partially cover skin problems with the base and concealer in order to finish the base makeup that is thin but has no irritations. If you try to hide it with foundation, it will be thickened and the naturalness will be reduced, so please be careful.

Point 1 Tone up the skin with the base

A base is essential to tone up the entire skin and correct color unevenness. If you cover your skin problems with a foundation, you can make your base makeup look natural by just applying a thin layer of concealer or foundation. It is recommended that you choose a base that enhances transparency or has an anti-shiny effect.

Makeup base that covers skin problems and improves transparency

It covers dullness and uneven color, and keeps a beautiful finish over time. Simply spread it thinly over the entire face to create a three-dimensional, sharp face.

Point 2 Concealer covers dullness and skin problems

Use a concealer to cover dullness and stains that could not be covered by the base. Especially if you cover the bear under the eyes, the side of the nose and the dullness of the corners of the mouth, the beauty of the skin will be enhanced. However, the skin under the eyes is thin, so if you apply too much, it may look unnatural. We recommend using a liquid concealer that is easy to get used to. If you choose a color that is the same as your skin or one tone darker, you can make a beautiful correction.

A concealer that is natural but has excellent coverage

A liquid concealer that naturally covers bears and dullness and makes your facial expressions look brighter. The fit is high, and the covering power lasts without kinking or fading.

Point 3 Brush the liquid foundation

Liquid is recommended as the foundation because it gives a thin and natural luster. You can create a natural three-dimensional effect by applying liquid foundation to the brush and applying it so that it slides diagonally upward from the inside to the outside of the face. Also, use a brush instead of a hand or sponge to improve the adhesion and give a more natural finish. If you choose a liquid that gives a natural luster, you can get a trendy and bare-skinned finish.

Liquid foundation that can produce beautiful skin with a natural luster

It integrates smoothly with the skin, giving it a beautiful finish with a feeling of bare skin, and keeps the skin moisturized and glossy. It spreads on the skin like a beauty essence, and is fresh and comfortable to use.

Natural yet sharp point makeup method & recommended items

By adding shading instead of color, you can make your face look crisp even though it looks like you haven’t made up. Select a natural color and create a natural complexion.

Point 1 Eyebrows are conscious of shadows

Use powder eyebrow to soften the entire eyebrow to reduce the impression. It is recommended to choose one that is close to your hair color, as it will give a natural finish. Natural thick eyebrows are the trend these days, so it’s best to make them thicker. However, if you finish it with powder alone, it tends to be vague, so use a pencil eyebrow that is darker than powder to paint only the center of the eyebrows. This will give you a shaded look that will give your eyebrows a natural yet crisp look.

With the four effects of three-dimensional fiber, impression change color, deep engraving powder, and clean powder at the bottom of the eyebrows, you can create beautiful eyebrows with a soft, three-dimensional effect.

Pencil eyebrow with a thin core and easy to draw

A pencil-type eyebrow that combines the texture of a pencil and powder into one. You can make 3 patterns of drawing, blurring, and blending with one, and you can finish the eyebrows naturally and beautifully.

Point 2 Shadows and lines are transparent brown

The eyeliner and eyeshadow are the parts that give the most make-up feeling. However, if you omit this part, it will lose its sharpness, and it may look like a cut-out make-up instead of a natural make-up. For the eyeliner, we recommend a lighter color that makes your eyes look more attractive.

For eye shadow, apply a light brown color with a sense of sheerness to the entire upper eyelid. Lightly shaded, natural yet crisp eyes. If you choose reddish brown, it will look more modern.

Eye shadow that gives you a moisturized and glossy eye

An eye shadow that blends in with the color of your eyes, making the most of the three-dimensional effect around your eyes and making it look bigger naturally. Brown, which feels a little reddish, has a modern feel.

For the eyeliner, fill the lashes with a brown pencil eyeliner to eliminate the vague feeling around the eyes. Then use a light brown liquid eyeliner to draw an eyeliner only on the outer corners of the eyes. This gives you more depth, and at first glance it looks like you haven’t made anything, but your eyes are clear.

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