What are the tips for beauty makeup?

“Beautiful face” with tight eyes and tall nose. Any woman longs for it. In fact, anyone can easily make makeup that looks beautiful! Introducing the features of beautiful faces, base makeup with glossy skin, and eye makeup methods.

What is a beautiful face?

What are the conditions for a beautiful face?

Even if you say a beautiful face in a word, various conditions can be considered. We will introduce specific examples such as the main features in common and what kind of face it refers to.

Smooth nose muscles Having a high nose and a straight nose
like a foreigner is one of the major conditions for a beautiful face. In order for the nose to be visible, it is necessary not only to have a high nose, but also to have a depth of dust on the entire face that makes it stand out.

A woman with a sharp chin and a sharp chin tends to be seen as a beautiful face. The sharp chin makes the entire face look neat and feels like a beautiful line.

Ideal E-line is formed When the

face is viewed from the side, the line connecting the tip of the nose and the tip of the chin with a straight line is called the “aesthetic line (E line)”. The condition that the lips are slightly inside the E line is called a profile beauty. A state where the chin is protruding or the lips are protruding is not the ideal E line.

Many people with low noses find it difficult to achieve the best balance, and many people inevitably have their lips coming out of the E line.

The balance of facial parts is the key

It is also important that each part is arranged in a well-balanced manner.

Ideal ratio from hairline to chin The

Golden ratio is the ratio that makes things look more intuitive and beautiful. The “golden ratio of the face” is the golden ratio applied to the face, and the conditions are as follows. The more this condition is met, the more beautiful the face is.

The distance between the hairline of the forehead, the inner corner of the eyebrows, the bottom of the nose, and the tip of the chin is 1: 1 from the top.

The width of the face is 5 times the width of the eyes.

The ratio of the width of the face to the height is 1: 1. 1.46
One of the characteristics of a beautiful face that is symmetrical is that it is symmetrical. If you look closely at the human face, there are asymmetrical parts here and there. Eye size, eyebrow height, mouth corner position, tooth alignment, jaw line, cheekbone height, etc. are easy to compare.

The cause of the asymmetry of the face is not only the one that was born, but also the lifestyle. Biting habits such as putting on a cheek stick or chewing on only one side when eating tend to distort the face.

The characteristic of many Japanese people who have a short nose-mouth distance is that the nose-mouth distance is relatively long.

Many people who are said to have a beautiful face have the condition that the distance between the nose and mouth is short.

The golden ratio mentioned earlier is said to be present in the area below the nose. The golden ratio around the mouth is that the distance between the nose and mouth and the distance between the mouth and chin are 1: 2.

What are the characteristics and conditions of a beautiful face? Makeup technique to improve beauty that you want to practice right now

Both eyesight and three-dimensional effect!

What is eye makeup that makes a single look beautiful?

Eyeshadow makes your eyes bigger when you put it in your lower eyelids

The key to making eyes, which tend to be swollen, look bigger and bigger is to put a wide eyeshadow and put a set of colors on the lower eyelids. If you use two types of eye shadows with different colors and put the dark color on the upper eyelid and the lower eyelid to make it stand out, it will give a gentle impression, which tend to be seen tightly, and also his eyesight. Keep it firmly!

Mask looks great Tips for beautiful eye makeup

The eyebrows are clear and the eye makeup is gentle. A reddish brown color that feels feminine and gorgeous even with a mask is best.

What are beauty makeup eyebrows?

How to draw eyebrows that you want to hold firmly

If you make your eyebrows properly, you can see them unexpectedly!

How to make eyebrow only make

Brush the entire area upwards from the inside of the eyebrows to the ridge of the eyebrows, and comb along the hair flow from the ridges of the eyebrows to the ends of the eyebrows. If you angle the base of the brush to a little less than 45 °, it will follow the curve of the eyebrows perfectly and you will be able to make small turns.

Make a frame with powder

Draw a line from the middle of the eyebrow to the end of the eyebrow to blend the color over the entire hair, and then draw the inside of the eyebrow with a brush.

Fill the gap with a pencil

Draw one by one according to the hair flow, and wipe the bottom straight toward the end of the eyebrow.

Comb the whole with mascara

Apply from the inside of the eyebrow to the end of the eyebrow, and always raise it from the bottom to the top to adjust the color of the entire eyebrow.

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